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Our Partners


We have refined a list of partners that we work with, each of whom will enhance your people management in different ways.

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Breathe HR

The HR software that we use to make both yours and your employees’ experience of managing the day to day, simple. From holidays to appraisals, everything can be logged and recorded on Breathe.

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The applicant tracking system that we use to recruit new candidates for your business.  Hireful streamlines the hiring process to ensure that you get the best talent for your role.

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Great People Inside

A means to design customised psychometric assessments for your business, to fine tune processes from recruitment through to performance improvement.

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Benefit Hub

The world’s largest selection of employee discounts and lifestyle benefits, which are completely customisable in order to optimally engage your employees.

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Customisable online learning content for your employees to ensure that your entire team is up to date with the latest training, relevant to your industry.

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Looking After Me

Personal health and wellbeing care for employees of small to medium sized businesses across three core areas of expertise: private medical support, mental health counselling and lifestyle management.